Musicvideo Release 18th of Nov 2019 Das Moped
"I need to go to Juchitán" Director & Cinematographer, in Postproduction
Release date "Lillian" in Austrian Cinemas 6th of Sept 2019
"Lillian", Cannes Directors Fortnight, 2nd Camera Sonja Aufderklamm

Based in Vienna and Berlin, Sonja works as a cinematographer all around the world on commercials, documentaries and fiction films. She studied Cinematography at the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin (DFFB), and earned a Master's degree in the Science of Theatre, Film and Media in Vienna and Berlin. She has shooting experience in Russia (Siberia), Canada (Yukon, Alberta), USA (East Coast, Midwest, Alaska), Mexico, Republic of the Philippines, Czech Republic, Romania and Italy.